Are you curious about learning to
code, but donít know where to
start? If you want to get your feet
wet, you can follow this tutorial to
make your first basic website in
Weíll be going over 3 things:
1. what HTML is
2. some basic HTML syntax,
3. and how to make a local
website on your computer.
Just a note, this post is geared
toward complete beginners who
have never worked with HTML
There wonít be any CSS or
JavaScript involved, so keep in
mind that this webpage weíll be
making wonít be all that pretty. Itís
just focused on showing you
HTML and its basic functionality.
Sounds good? Letís get started!
What is HTML?
Now, what is HTML? HTML stands
HyperText Markup
Itís a way of displaying information
on web pages in your browser.
One thing to remember is that
HTML isnít itself a programming
language. Itís a markup language.
Programming languages like PHP
or Java use things like logic and
conditions to control the content.
HTML doesnít do those things, but
itís still extremely importa